Bob Hinnant



The Hinnant family has a long history in agriculture in Johnston County and, has worked to explore a native grape to North Carolina, the muscadine. The family started making wine after the first muscadine grape harvest back in 1976. From what Bob says, it wasn’t that good! However, Bob was determined and followed in his father and Uncle Glen’s footsteps and started making a little homemade wine at the early age of 18. His winemaking career was put on hold to join the army, leaving after a few years to explore a career in Dental Laboratory Technology at Durham Technical College.

Bob ran his own Dental Lab in Goldsboro, NC for 12 years, then deciding to sell the business and open the winery with his father Willard. The University of California hosted wine making courses at Davis College and Bob took full advantage of the opportunity to expand his knowledge. There he learned to refine and heighten the quality of his wine. After seeking local help and coming up short, he turned to professionals throughout the Southeast. He visited Post Family Vineyards in Arkansas and also Chautauqua Vineyards down in Florida. Through visiting wineries and trial and error, Bob has become one of the leaders in the North Carolina wine industry, as well as a major advocate for use of the muscadine grapes as a wine producing fruit.

When asked what was his favorite wine to make is, he had to think a moment. After all, how do you pick your favorite out of 21 offerings? He finally chose Tar Heel Red; it is a blend with three different grapes and is always a challenge to get just right. Tar Heel Red is the wineries best selling and most popular wine over all, recently taking top honors at the San Diego International Wine Competition by receiving a platinum award, beating out all other native varieties entered into that competition. When asked about his favorite grape to grow, he decided on the Carlos grape. Not only is Carlos a staple grown on the Hinnant vineyard, it’s at least the base of what the majority of his wines are made from. He did, however, have a second grape to mention; the Blanc du Bois. It’s a hybrid grape that is rarely grown in North Carolina. He offers a Blanc du Bois in his tasting room.

As for the near future, Bob is hoping to grow the winery at a consistent pace, help continue the advancement of the muscadine grape’s place in the wine industry and be able to provide an excellent quality of wine with each bottle Hinnant Family Vineyards produces. Above all, Bob wishes an educational and pleasurable experience to each of the guests that visit his winery.


Lane Gregory



Lane, Teresa, Adam and Elizabeth Gregory officially opened Gregory Vineyards to friends, family and patrons for a Valentine party on February 8, 2011. Lane's family has been farmers since the 1700's. Lane bought his first farm when he was 14 years old. In addition to farming and other business ventures Lane and his parents opened Lane's Seafood and Steak House where they served around 4,000 people each Wednesday through Saturday nights for 20 years.

Teresa's parents had a few rows of muscadine vines and although life was joyously busy she and the children would look forward to a visit each fall for a traditional muscadine harvest. The Gregory Family started planting muscadine grapes for Gregory Vineyards the spring of 2009. Lane and Adam have continued working diligently in the fields and the family has been blessed with healthy and beautiful vineyards on the 120 acre working farm.

The Gregory's are happy to welcome people from all around the world to reap the health benefits of the muscadine grapes and to enjoy the delicious fruits, wines and juices. We also welcome you to events, a venue for your private events and a place to escape with a quiet country setting with a picturesque view of rolling hills, vineyards and spring fed lakes.

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