Jeremy Norris


Jeremy Norris

Jeremy Norris, Broadslab owner and master distiller, uses a family-inspired shine recipe passed down over five generations. Jeremy's process which involves locally grown and milled corn and hand-made oak barrels crafted by Jeremy himself and used to age the Broadslab Legacy product to perfection. Broadslab also produces a white rum, a spiced rum, and traditional moonshine which is the "real deal".

Jeremy learned his craft from his grandfather and offers a true "dirt to bottle" product, even growing corn used at the distillery on the family farm. He has appeared on the Chef and the Farmer television series, and has been featured in several promotions with the Johnston County Visitors Bureau and media events with Visit NC.


Beer Stops

Deep River Brewing Co. and Double Barley Brewing offer a variety of beers with regional ingredients like sweet potatoes, watermelon, and even grits.

Wine Stops

If you love wine visit Hinnant Family Vineyards and Gregory Vineyards - both are award-wining and picturesque, offering vineyard tours and wine tastings.

Shine Stops

Taste moonshine crafted by master distiller and Broadslab Distillery owner Jeremy Norris - made with recipes passed down over 5 generations.


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