Larry Lane

Double Barley Brewing began when Cheryl gave Larry a simple homebrew kit for his 40th birthday gift. Six months later,
Larry stumbled upon the kit in the attic and you can guess the rest of the story. Who knew it? Larry could brew great beer and Cheryl was pretty good at sampling. Life was about to change forever.

Over the next five years, dining rooms, guest rooms, and garages were transformed into the early stages of Double Barley Brewing. Picture Larry and buddies brewing in the driveway while Cheryl tried to keep the kids in check and entertain the constant stream of volunteer samplers. Needless to say, the Lane home was the hot spot to hang out in the neighborhood!

Larry and Cheryl have always wanted to own their own business and all it took was one simple birthday present (and Larry turning 40), to make their dream a reality. Although it’s been a lot of work creating a detailed business plan, fine tuning dozens of recipes, finding the perfect location in Smithfield, N.C. and designing an awesome taproom and beer garden, it’s also been a labor of love – a love for craft beer, the community and a desire to bring them together.



Paul and Lynn

Paul is an experienced Engineer with a strong passion for craft beer. Paul is always trying to “engineer” new and unique flavors into his beer and is more than happy to tell you about his newest ideas. Paul creates most of his new and unique beers on his 1 bbl pilot system. He is responsible for brewing operations and finances.

Lynn is an experienced Packaging Engineer and Logistics Ninja. Lynn is responsible for marketing, general management, human resources, and most importantly getting the beer from our fermenters to your lips.

The brewery is is a 15bbl, 2 vessel brewhouse designed specifically for Deep River Brewing Co. The brewery is located at 700 W Main St in downtown Clayton, NC and is known as Johnston County's first legal brewery. Johnston County's first legal batch of beer ever made was produced on Feb 28, 2013. The brewery officially opened its doors on April 6, 2013 to a sold out grand opening party with 250 people. The brewery also strives to use locally grown raw materials for the beer whenever possible.

We are excited that you have decided to participate on our trail, please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.
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